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Communications Department

Design and Programming Unite to Create the Internet of Today

At Marker we are aware of the importance of the image of your company or products. Our techniques will shape your ideas so that the external perception of your company is effective, as well as natural.

We understand communication as an art form, both in style and content. That is why both copy writers and creatives carry equal weight within our team, achieving balanced results, both by hand and by mouse.

We supervise our development department to ensure that all of Marker’s projects convey a suitable image. Terms such as usability, accessibility or universality form part of our everyday vocabulary.

We adapt our designs to what you really need, giving them a personalised orientation. We pursue your profitability by associating with leading companies within the sector; thereby ensuring your investment is as well-matched as possible.

We are illustrators, we reflect our full potential in work such as the creation of logos, icons, pictures... squeezing out every last drop of our experience in the world of the graphic arts.

We advise you on everything to do with image and communication. Contact us and we will attend to your case individually.